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Baloch embroidery

This art was common from many years ago, It came from the root and tradition of women who live there.
They decorate their clothes with this unique handmade art which has lots of details and patterns, sometimes they also use small round mirrors between these handmade works which make them so much nicer.
Women clothes’ design is divided into 4 parts for their blouse and 2 parts for their pants on the bottom part of it.
Material which they usually work with is silk or cotton yarn in different colors and needle.
They use different colors sometimes mostly red, sometimes they use only two-color and sometimes up to seven different colors.
The way they use colors next to each other will affect on how interesting and beautiful they will be.
Patterns and colors show the way people live and the nature around them, although sometimes they like to make what they dream about like a floral pattern, mostly they use their beliefs and traditions as a pattern for their unique patterns.
This unique art comes from women’s creativity and still growing between a new generation of people all around the world even used in clothes or accessories.

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